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SEO Task Management Tool

Add tasks and assign them to your team members. The agile task management system helps you to see how your team members are doing, who completed which tasks, and where you're at on your project timeline.

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With our task management system you can easily assign tasks to other users. You will then see when they start and when they finish a task. This makes it easier to follow the progress of a given project and to see what's left to be done until the project's completion.

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Create and Assign Tasks

You can create tasks and grade their importance. By assigning a task to a team member, you can get notified upon its completion.

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Automatic Tasks

The system will create tasks based on the checklist feature. If something needs to be optimized you will be given a task to complete.

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Agile Workflow

The agile task management environment makes it easy for you to see what your teammates are working on and how they are progressing.

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