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SEO Backlink Analysis Tool

Our Backlink Analysis tool will show you a list of backlinks to your website. This tool will also provide data such as lost links, new links, link value, referring domains, link language, link type, and much more.

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Backlink Growth

The backlink growth graph will show your backlink growth over time. This gives you an overview of how many new links you've acquired and how many you've lost.


Backlink Value

Ever wondered what links are most valuable? We show you which links are the most valuable and relevant to your website.


Backlink History

Since we've partnered up with the guys that have the largest backlink database on the planet we can show you all your backlink history.


New Backlinks

Your backlink growth is important. To help you keep track of this, we continuously crawl the internet to search for new links to your website and show you where they came from.


Lost Backlinks

Being able to track lost backlinks is extremely important since a single lost link can negatively affect your keyword ranking. We identify these lost links so you can try to get them back.


Export Tool

You can export all backlink data to a CSV or XLS file for further analysis as you please.

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