About Us

SEOtoolbox.io is a full stack of SEO tools for business owners, website owners, and marketing professionals.

Our Vision

To build SaaS tools which better equip online marketers to find greater success in their day-to-day work life, as well as to help them derive greater joy from carrying out their tasks.

Our Company

SEOtoolbox.io is a trademark and a product owned and developed by SEOtoolbox.io, Inc. which was founded by Samuel Sylvander in 2012.

With clients across the globe in the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia, SEOtoolbox.io is an innovative SaaS developer and provider with a focus on building services for website owners, business owners, and digital marketing professionals on the global market.

We strive to focus on core values such as joy, innovation, and integrity in everything we do.

Our Founder

Samuel Sylvander, founder and CEO, has been in the internet marketing industry since 1997 and has since founded more than 10 companies, has had top-level management positions in several media agencies in Sweden, and has worked with clients and partners across Europe and the USA.

His passion for tech and internet marketing has yielded him several awards from Google for his media agencies throughout the years.

Nowadays, Samuel still runs SEOtoolbox.io but lives as a digital nomad with his family while building SaaS services as well as doing volunteer work, helping people to improve their quality of life and gain a brighter future.

Samuel Sylvander

Samuel Sylvander
- Founder & CEO

Having been in the internet marketing industry for over 20 years as well as founding more than 10 internet companies, Samuel is highly experienced as a Tech Internet Marketer.

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